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Our mission is to freeze that special moment in time for our clients while providing an uncompromised photo experience. We can accommodate any photography request. Check out the number of services we provide.

Studio Photography

Studio Photography

Don't leave your photo shoot up to the weather. We can create a natural, fun and relaxing environment for your photo shoot right in our state-of-the-art studio.

Come and enjoy an engagement photo shoot, senior portrait, family portrait, headshot,newborn baby photo shoot or wedding photography. We have the props and equipment to make your photo shoot an experience you won't forget.

Your Questions:

1. Do we need to bring our own wardrobe?
Yes, you will need to plan out your wardrobe for your shoot ahead of time. Our photographers can help you with organizing your wardrobe ahead of time. Just talk to your photographer about it during your consultation.

2. Will there be enough light?
Our seasoned, professional photographers, understand the dynamics of creating an asthetically pleasing photo that you'll love taking home with you. We'll adjust the lighting throughout the shoot to make sure your photos come out just the way you want.

3. Where is your studio located?
Our studio is located on 3905 State St. #7-510 in Santa Barbara.

4. How do I go about booking an in studio photography session?
Give us a call at (805)-576-7049, we'll walk you through the process and schedule a time that's convenient for you.

Family Photography

In Home Photography

Getting the family together to take a photo can be stressful, which is why we take the hassle out of cordinating a photoshoot by bringing the studio to your home.

Enjoy family portraits, newborn baby photo shoots and everything in between in the comfort of your home. We provide all the equipment and multiple backdrops for you to choose from to make your picture to your liking. We can even refer out makeup artists that can come to your home to create the perfect look for your photo shoot.

We understand how difficult photo shoots can be for newborn babies or young children, which is why we recommend doing the photo shoot at your home so your baby can have access to their toys and anything else that brings them comfort. This helps children relax and enjoy the photography experience.

Your Questions:

1. How do I request a photo shoot at my home?
You can call the number to our office, let us know a bit about your photography needs and we'll set you up with a photographer that will come out to your home.

2. What if we can't find a good background in our home to take photos next to?
No worries, our photographers bring multiple different types of backdrops with them, so you can get the type of pictures you dreamed of.

3. What if we live outside of Santa Barbara?
We have connections to thousands of qualified photographers and we can find a photographer for you, even if you live outside of Santa Barbara.

4. Is there a consultation before the photo shoot takes place?
Yes, you will get a complimentary consultation with the photographer of your choosing, so you can go through the details of your photography needs.

Family Photography

On Location Photography

Whether you're planning your wedding in Jamaica, opening up a company in New Mexico or having a big event in San Francisco, we would love to come out and photograph those special moments.

We'll bring all of our equipment to ensure your on location photo shoot is exactly what you envisioned. We enjoy incorporating the scenery into your moments and we can direct you and your party to ensure you get the photos you discussed with us in your consultation.

Your Questions:

1. Is airfare included?
No, airfare is worked into the price of your on location photography package.

2. Will we be able to proof the photos digitally?
Yes, we will send you digital copies of our photos a week after your photo shoot.

3. Are you able to bring all of your equipment?
Yes, all of our photographers will bring any equipment they will need to make sure your photo shoot goes smoothly.

Wedding Photographer Santa Barbara CA

Wedding Photography

No matter if your wedding is in beautiful Santa Barbara or outside of the city, we'll travel to ensure you get the wedding photos you always dreamed of. We'll help you to pose and we'll work around you to create stunning photos that are timeless.

We'll catch it all from those instances where you and your partner look into each others eyes and smile, when you announce your vows, when your Maid of Honor gives a speech that sends the whole audience into tears. We know these candid moments matter and tell a true story of love. We want to bring and keep that love alive even after your special day.

We'll work with you to bring your wedding photography vision to life. We can also do your engagement photography and your bridal party photography.

Your Questions:

1. Do you charge extra for travel?
Our travel cost are built into the cost of your photography package.

2. Am I able to get my photos digitally and in a physical version?
With all of our packages, you'll receive digital copies of your photos and physical copies. You can even have us create a slideshow of your photos. Just ask your photographer about this feature during your consultation.

3. Do you have a specific photography style?
We have connections to thousands of photographers and we guarantee we have a photographer that can shoot your wedding in the style of your choosing. We encourage you to discuss your style details with your photographer during your consultation.

4. Do you book more than one wedding in a day?
Many of our photographers only book one wedding a day, just in case you need extra time or attention during your wedding. We want to be able to plan for those instances.

5. How does pricing work?
Each of our photographers charge differently for wedding photography, so we cannot give you a specific amount for how much your wedding photography will cost. Each situation is different.

Photography Consultation

Senior Portraits

High School is such a wonderful time. From homecoming, prom and graduation, there are many moments you'll want to remember. Allow us to come out and capture you and your homecoming group. We'll photograph the beautiful sunset in Santa Barbara of you and your prom date before you dance the night away. We'll take a professional, clean senior portrait for your yearbook photo. And we'll make sure you don't miss a second of that magical moment when you get your diploma and walk into the next phase of your life.

There's a lot to appreciate about this time in your life and we want to make sure you get to look back on these moments for the rest of your life.

Your Questions:

1. Where do you do senior portraits?
We can do them on location or in our studio located at 3905 State St. 7-510.

2. How much do you charge for homecoming photography?
Pricing is dependent on many aspects of what you're looking for in a photograph. Contact us to discuss your specific photography needs and we'll be able to give you a quote over the phone. 805-576-7049

Baby Portrait Photographers Santa Barbara ca

Baby Photographs

Having a baby is one of the biggest turning points in anyone's life. We want you to have a way of remembering those gentle moments when your baby was just a couple days old or to see the smirk in their face before they start growing up.

We specialize in baby photography, newborn baby photography, family portraits etc. No matter if you want to shoot in your home or at our studio, we'll create a photography experience you and your child will love.

Your Questions:

1. How old does my baby have to be to do the newborn shots?
We recommend babies be 9-12 days old before doing the newborn shots.

2. How do you make sure my baby will be comfortable?
We are very patient with our baby shoots. We understand the need for feeding time and we will accomodate whatever your baby desires so they'll feel comfortable and at home. We even have toys that we can use to help calm your baby down in order to get the photo you will love.

3. What should my baby wear?
Depending on the style you want your photos to be, you and your photographer will discuss those details during the consultation and he/she will help you to get the look you're going for.

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