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The journey of getting married should be just as exciting and colorful as the journey of marriage itself. Let the love you and your partner be celebrated with an engagement photography session. It’s a great opportunity to try out your wedding photographer.

Also, if you’re looking to use the photos in your wedding or you want to submit your photo to the paper for an engagement announcement, we find it best to take your engagement photos early on in your engagement. We want you to have ample time to pick out the photos you find represent both of you and the love you share.

Many of the couples we work with enjoy picking different locations to use as the backdrop of their photo shoot, however, if you would prefer a studio session, we can absolutely accommodate that request.

Your Questions:

1. How long is the shoot?
Timing will depend on the amount of locations you’re shooting in, and wardrobe changes. It’s best to discuss timing and all other photo shoot details during your consultation so your photographer can get a good sense of what you’re expecting.

2. How are the photo shoots packaged and priced?
Each photographer has their own specific pricing and packages, depending on the photographer you choose will determine the pricing and packages you can choose from.

3. Do edited photos cost extra?
We will always do some preliminary editing before we send you the photos, however, if you’re interested in getting some pictures touched up, we can certainly quote you on the price of the extra editing work. Make sure to ask your photographer in the consultation about this if you’re interested or think you may want extra editing done for your photos.

4. How long do the pictures take to develop?
Usually, we can get the photographs to you in a digital format about a week after your photo shoot. If for some reason you need the photos sooner, please let us know.

5. What format will the photos come to me in?
We can do it all from sending you digital proofs, creating a slideshow of your photographs or even printing physical copies. However you want your photos to be produced so you can enjoy them forever, we’re happy to accommodate.

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