Baby Portrait Photographers In Santa Barbara

Baby Portrait Photographers Santa Barbara ca

The newest and fastest growing form of photography right now is aerial photography. We have the best equipment to product high-quality photos. We will travel any location to capture the photos you’re looking for.

Our aerial photography covers industries such as agricultural, events, weddings, construction, real estate etc. We believe aerial photography gives the viewer a unique perspective and can also help a company to plan for growth or even assist them in correcting a potential issue in their operation.

Your Questions:

1. How old does my baby have to be to do the newborn shots?
We recommend babies be 9-12 days old before doing the newborn shots.

2. How do you make sure my baby will be comfortable?
We are very patient with our baby shoots. We understand the need for feeding time and we will accommodate whatever your baby desires so they’ll feel comfortable and at home. We even have toys that we can use to help calm your baby down in order to get the photo you will love.

3. What should my baby wear?
Depending on the style you want your photos to be, you and your photographer will discuss those details during the consultation and he/she will help you to get the look you’re going for.

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