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We`ve created a photography company as fun and unique as you are.

Cameron Newell has been working as a photographer in Santa Barbara for 25+ years. She made her career in Santa Barbara as a lifestyle photographer. As she began to make connections, she realized there are not only many reasons to create photographs, but there are many events where photography is a must.

That is when she decided to create a separate company where she could bring thousands of photographers from Santa Barbara and the surrounding areas together, so any photography request that came her way would be answered with a shiny, YES! Cameron and the photographers that work with her are passionate about what they do, and they strive to create photos that go beyond their customers' expectations.

Cameron and her team enjoy working with people and getting to know the lives that come out in their photos. If editing needs to be done, we'll do it. Whatever it takes to bring those beautiful moments alive, we're at your service.

Top 10 Reasons to Choose Cameron Newell Photography

  • 1. We believe in providing the best value and service to our clients. We want your photo shoot to be just as memorable as your pictures.
  • 2. We can accomodate any photo shoot.
  • 3. We listen to your photography needs first before shooting.
  • 4. Loyal customer testimonials.
  • 5. Published, experience and reliable photographers.
  • 6. We use the best camera equipment on the market.
  • 7. We help you prepare for the shoot ahead of time.
  • 8. Your satisfaction in our work is our number one priority.
  • 9. We give you a fair price on our work before we begin a project. We have no hidden fees or extra charges.
  • 10. We have been trusted by the Santa Barbara area for photography for 25+ years.

Cameron Newell Photography. We specialize in all types of photography from people, places and things!

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Friendly Dependable Service - Photography with a Connection.

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